Linham – 14 Character Pieces Vol.2 (2024)

Composer: Ryan Linham (2024)
Duration: 14 Pieces
Price: £18
Grade: 6-8+ (Advanced)
Instrumentation: Trumpet in Bb and Piano

To celebrate 4 glorious years and over 100 sales of my original Intermediate level 14 Character Pieces – I have written a second collection for advanced students, including plenty of options for Grade 7 and 8 items. In my same unique pastiche-composition style, these pieces are characterful and engaging, perfect for any advancing player regardless of age. The reason the first collection came to fruition was through the large number of talented, high-graded, yet still very young students I was encountering on my travels and teachings. More in-depth than Volume 1, these pieces are slightly longer and more dexterous, yet still absolutely ideal for concert performances or examinations.

Rather than pushing players to their uppermost range limits, the book focuses on fostering rhythmic, stylistic and musical prowess. Recommended grades are clearly indicated in the contents, interesting recommended listening is suggested for each style and for the support of less-experienced accompanists, piano parts are furnished with chord symbols.

I am looking forward to recording all of these and making a new YouTube play along playlist over the coming year!

List of Style examples/Grades:

  1. The Tap Dancer – Singing in the Rain style ‘soft shoe shuffle’ (6)
  2. Wisdom of the Elders – Reverential folk tune (6)
  3. Surfin’ West Coast – Beach Boys (6)
  4. A Kind Old Friend – Warm melodic song (7)
  5. Hunter’s Call – Galloping style (7)
  6. Prima Ballerina – Delicate ballet waltz (6)
  7. Walking the Dog – Cheeky quirky rondo (8)
  8. Afternoon Nap – Satie Gymnopedie style (7)
  9. The Villain – Cartoon evil style (8)
  10. The Jolly Sailor – Lively hornpipe (8)
  11. El Toreador – Arrogant Spanish bullfighting (8)
  12. Ceilidh Dancers – Lively grounded folk dance (8)
  13. 70s Rogue Cop – Funky theme tune style (8)
  14. From Another World – Etherial space style (8+)

Samples will not appear at as high resolution as the download