Linham – 14 Character Pieces (2019)

Composer: Ryan Linham (2019)
Duration: 14 Pieces
Price: £14
Grade: 4-7
Instrumentation: Trumpet in Bb and Piano (Plus additional easier Piano Score)

14 Character pieces is another fun project of mine for my teaching practice and education work. Like many teachers, I found myself with very high-graded players at younger ages, and this type of repertoire isn’t always readily available to suit them. This book, now used extensively in my own teaching, is designed to challenge the students and give them an idea of style too. The collection introduces the occasional mute, growl, wah-wah and glissando techniques. The book doesn’t over exert the player on the highest notes in their range instead opting for rhythmic and musical challenges. Each piece is around 2-3 minutes long, similar to a graded piece. Recommended grades are written in the contents, each piece has some ‘recommended listening’ for the pupil’s enjoyment and for less-confident accompanists, an easier piano part is provided. Additionally, both piano parts have chord symbols.

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List of Style examples/Grades:

  1. Circus Clown – Fucik, Entry of the Gladiators (4)
  2. All Alone – 80s power ballad (4)
  3. Hero to the Gods – Noble superhero melody (5)
  4. Pirates Adventure – Pirate’s of the Caribbean (5)
  5. 10 o’clock Newscaster – TV News theme! (5)
  6. Happy-Go-Lucky – Orchestral light music eg. Farnon/Anderson (6)
  7. Royal Procession – La Peri style fanfare (6)
  8. The Ol’ Fisherman – Moon River style song (6)
  9. Legend on the Dancefloor – Disco! (6)
  10. Secret Agent – Sneaking harmon mute swing, Pink Panther style (5)
  11. Hallelujah Preacher – Ray Charles gospel funk style (6)
  12. Cowboy Hoedown – Copland Rodeo (6)
  13. Floating Astronaut – Star Trek opening, John Williams Close encounters of the Third Kind (7)
  14. Racing Jockey Rondo – Galloping 6/8 classical style (7)

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