Telemann – 3 Heroic Marches (Intermediate Quintet)

Composer: Georg Phillip Telemann (1681-1767)
Duration: 5.5 minutes
Price: £15
Grade: 5-6
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet (Intermediate Edition)

Trumpet 1 and 2 in Bb
French Horn

Telemann wrote 12 Heroic Marches each based on a different Heroic trait or characteristic. This arrangement is of the first three of those marches, Majesty, Grace and Valliance. A popular composer for trumpet players, the 1sttrumpet part is more of a solo part. The opening movement may make a perfect opener to a concert on it’s own or the three movements a great longer item in a concert programme. They are also perhaps an interesting alternative to the usual Trumpet Voluntaries. Vibrant, brilliant and sparkling, these wonderful movements by an audience-friendly composer make a perfect addition to any repertoire.

This arrangement for the Quintet is in concert G major and accessible to student level ensembles but is also available in an advanced Concert D Major version, for virtuoso piccolo trumpet players!

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