Rhythm Workshop – Beginner Band

Composer: R. Linham (2020)
Price: £30
Grade: 1-2
Instrumentation: 4 Flexible Parts in all keys

I am in regular discussions with amazing teachers and colleagues, regularly finding a consensus of frustration with that of our student’s rhythm! In collaboration with top London-based trombonist Doug Coleman, we came up with this concept of very short 4-part pieces that you can start your beginner band rehearsals with, each one demonstrating a new rhythmic idea. The booklet of 23 items progresses very gradually, beginning with the usual crotchet and minums – to adding bars off, triplets, rests and independent moving parts.

In a rehearsal setting, each 8-16 bar workshop should take around 5 minutes, to explain the new rhythmic device and get the students playing/counting!

Initially conceived for brass, the key of most pieces is Bb or Eb major, to correspond with the classic beginner brass player’s octave.

Scores are attached in all keys, and are all included with the purchase. The idea is that the students can read any line they like:

Concert Treble
Concert Bass
Parts in F (French Horns)
Parts in Eb (Tenor Horns, Saxophones)
Barts in Bb (Trumpets, Euphoniums)

Sample Score: