Mahler – Gieng Heut’ Morgen Uber’s Feld

Gieng heut’ Morgen uber’s Feld – I Went This Morning Over the Field

Composer: G. Mahler (1860-1911)
Duration: 4-4.5 minutes
Price: £10
Grade: 8
Instrumentation: Trumpet in C and Piano

This delightful song by Gustav Mahler is from the collection ‘Songs of a Wayfarer’. The second in the set, this is the happiest music of the work, a song of joy and wonder at the beauty of nature in it’s simple actions like birdsong and dew on the grass. At the end of the piece however the wayfarer is reminded that despite all this beauty, his happiness will not blossom now that his love is gone. This song also became the ‘A’ theme to Mahler’s First Symphony in D major, so is very well known by audiences.


Sample Score: