Intermediate Christmas Duets

Price: £9
Duration: 10 duets
2 Treble Clef Brass Instruments
(Trumpet, French Horn, Cornet, Euphonium, Baritone, Brass Band Trombones and Basses)
Grade: 5-7

In my teaching I love the Christmas period and see it as a great time to really enjoy playing just for fun. Once my students reach the Grade 5 level and are getting a little older, duets are the perfect way to test their sight-reading, musical maturity and ensemble awareness.

This collection of 10 fresh duets is specifically aimed at brass players at the intermediate grade level. They are perfect for older students to really test their sight reading with fun versions familiar tunes, but also younger players looking for a Christmas item to spend time learning from week to week. I am careful in these quirky arrangements to keep the range relatively low (no higher than Gs or As) to keep the challenge more musical than physical.

This book is your late November – December teaching SORTED! Plus if your students have been working hard on their Graded exams, it’s a phenomenal way to blow off some steam.

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