Handel – Music for the Royal Fireworks (Quintet)

Composer: G.F. Handel
Duration: a. 15 Minutes
Price: £35
Grade: 5-8
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet (2 Bb Trumpets)

This arrangement of Handel’s regal Fireworks music suite was completed in 2023 for the multitude of Royal-thematic events following the coronation of HM King Charles III. Performed at multiple concerts and garden parties by Kensington Brass, it was designed to be readable, playable and still contain the quality that a discerning concert audience could enjoy.

This arrangement contains all 7 movements:

Overture – Allegro
La Paix
La Rejouissance
Minuet 1 and 2

It comes with the usual professional guarantees for maximum efficiency:
No page turns
Comfortable keys and idiomatic ranges on all instruments (This is not a piccolo trumpet concert D major arrangement!)
Sensitive arranging to include chop breaks
Leading and cues extensively marked for limited rehearsal times
Stylish readable Baroque ornamentations

This suite has something for every occasion: big openers, gorgeous baroque light dance music, scenic mood-setting and the usual Baroque opulence you’d expect – all in a playable package for the intermediate to advanced ensemble.

Sample Audio:


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