Fisher – That Toddlin’ Town, Variations on Chicago

Composer: Fred Fisher (1875-1942)
Duration: 3.5 minutes
Price: £20
Grade: 7-8+
Instrumentation: Brass Dectet

Trumpet 1 in Eb, 2-4 in Bb
French Horn
3 Trombones
Bass Trombone

This arrangement of the popular song Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town was written for Kensington Brass in 2012 as the ultimate showcase finale. Rip roaring trumpets, cheeky slide trombone and a ‘knees up’ final section are sure to bring the audience to their feet. The piece starts in swing style, a familiar exposition of the song, then working through a cheeky waltz, a tango, a broadway showtune and finishing with, ironically, a New York New York ending! This is one to add to any varied concert programme, or finish any show as an encore number. Enjoy the Kensington Brass recording from their first ever concert series!

Live Audio:

Sample Score: