Linham – Duets for Self-Isolation (Trumpet and Clarinet)

Composer: Ryan Linham
Duration: 14 Duets
Price: £17
Grade: 5-8+
Instrumentation: Trumpet and Clarinet in Bb (Other instrumentations available)

COVID-19 may be the biggest change to public behaviour since WW2 and all musicians and freelancers suddenly have found themselves with plenty of spare time and social distancing. 2 of my closest friends who happen to be top professional freelancers (Trumpeter Sam Kinrade and his wife Chloe Vincent) were forced to self-isolation in London, and I thought that a nice thing to do for them to break up their day was write them a daily duet for a 2 week period.

Every day is a fun and different style, and I will mix up some mutes and maybe include piccolo.

There are over 70 couples enjoying these musical delights!

07.05.2022 These are now adapted for Trumpet+Flute, 2 Trumpets, 2 Clarinets, Trumpet+FHorn,  Trumpet+Clarinet, Trumpet+Violin, Trumpet+Viola, Oboe+Clarinet, Flute+Snare Drum – get in touch if you want your instrumentation!

Also Available for:

Trumpet and Flute // 2 Trumpets

ALL of the duets YouTube playlist:

Sample Score: