Brahms – Adagio Theme from Violin Concerto

Composer: J. Brahms (1833-1897)
Duration: a. 2.5 minutes
Price: £12
Grade: 5-8+
Instrumentation: Trumpet Solo + Trumpet Quartet (5 parts)

Brahms wrote the most glorious melodies as he pioneered the transition from the classical period to the romantic. 

The first time I heard this sublime melody it changed my entire outlook on music – as a young musician I had always thought music needed to be complex and challenging. This beautifully simple melody with its diatonic major palette completely changed my mind during my first ever professional tour with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

This arrangement is for soloist (parts provided in A picc, C and D) plus a Cup-muted trumpet quartet almost acting like a chamber organ. I love this sound and using a small trumpet for the solo adds to the sweetness of the sound. Brahms wrote this for an Oboe, but I think the trumpet can have a similar singing sweet quality.

My Performance:

Sample Score: