A Classical Background (2024)

Duration: 32 Pieces
Price: £150 (20% off – £120 if you own ‘A Standard Background’ or ‘The Chapel Collection’)
Difficulty: Grade 5-8 Students // Professionals to sight-read
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet (Standard)
(2 Trumpets in Bb, French Horn, Trombone and Tuba)

After the thrilling continued success of 2014’s ‘A Standard Background’, and 2022’s Chapel Collection (my sight-readable arrangements for Brass Quintet background gigs and events) my colleagues and customers have motivated me to the creation of yet another thematic set.

After a difficult to programme secular wedding which required 90 minutes of background playing without performing any of our usual swing, the necessity to curate a new collection of light classical favourites arose!

32 concert-worthy pieces and over 90 minutes of music, this set is a goldmine of well-known classics to accompany the most elegant garden parties and events.

Helpful arranging guarantees for those with no rehearsal:
The following have been considered with careful scrutiny. I approach every part as a player first, composer second, and so I know what it feels like to be betrayed by the page in front of you. 

Page Turns
Either none at all or with plenty of time!

Just in case you get the ‘nod’ from management that there’s only a minute or 2 left

Key choices
So repertoire sits on your instrument in the perfect range.

No instrument swapping
Trumpeters, leave the piccolos and sops at home, you can do it all on your Bb comfortably!

No mutes
There are a few written for colour and concert performances, but in a background setting it works perfectly without.

Breaths, cues and ‘lead’ marks
For those who don’t know the piece they are playing.

Rehearsal Marks
In all those obvious cadences/sections or quick pre-gig rehearsals. 

I hope, for approximately one single gig fee, that this collection (the largest I’ve ever amassed) can give your quintet something truly winsome for your events. In tandem with ASBackground and the Chapel Collection my ensembles now have every event covered, all handily on our iPads for any occasion. 

Ryan Linham 
Summer 2024