21 Baroque Duets for Trumpet & Trombone

Composer: Various Baroque
Price: £15
Grade: 5-8+
Instrumentation: Bb Trumpet and Trombone

This collection of 21 duets for Trumpet and Trombone is adapted from many various works of the Baroque masters. Including the composers Bach, Corelli, Handel, Purcell and Telemann, the movements have incredible variety both musically and technically. I wrote the collection after often finding myself with spare time with trombonists so that we could play together, just like I would with another trumpet player during residential courses, tacet pieces and teaching days. Having enjoyed the Baroque trumpet duets by Sachs and Alessi, this seemed like a good place to begin! Many of the pieces are also suitable to play with students upwards of Grade 5 ability.

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